This is a highlighting of the skills I have developed



I have worked on a few Python based projects such as "4 is the magic Number" solver

Java Script and Type Script

I have made a about 5 version of this website and created an Excel addon which uses APIs to retrieve public data about SME from various sources

Embedded Systems

I have created various projects using Arduinos, Raspberry PIs and Orange PIs such as a decimal clock


I work for the University of Auckland helping students and staff members prototype projects both digitally and physically

Prototyping Technologies

I enable Students and Staff to use prototyping technologies such as 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC routers


I have experience using a range of CAD tools for 3D, 2D and PCB design

9Spokes Project

I was part of a team which created an interactive TypeScript based Excel add on which searched for and complied data from a range of public data sources

This was then displayed in an easy to read format for the user

Decimal Clock

This is an Arduino project which displays time in a decimal time system as well as the standard time system

The Decimal system is based heavily off the original metric system

Earth Sandwich

I made an earth Sandwich!

This was reported in by over 250 media outlets including the BBC, NZ herald, PBS, fox, Popular Mechanics

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More Projects

This is a range of extra projects highlighting my skills in various fields

Cellular Automation Img

Cellular Automata

Excel Elementary Cellular Automata Using VBA
Cube image

Rubik's Cube Solver

Web Based Rubik's Cube Solver Using JavaScript
Keyboard PCB Img

Smallest Keyboard

PCB Design for the Worlds Smallest Keyboard
Pump Img

Peristaltic Pump

Design for a Precise Pump Made from Laser Cut Acrylic
Laser Cutting Img

Maker Projects

A Range of Physical Projects With 3D Printers and Laser Cutters
Loop Img

Shwoop Boop

User Focussed Interactive Embedded System


Bradshaw Img


Queen Scout Img

Queen's Scout Award

Service Award Img

Service to the School

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